How does WhatsApp Automation and Chatbot works?

Step 1: As soon as you login, below screen will appear. And click on “Automation” to start with automation services. Step 2: After going in the automation screen we have two automation. 1 Greeting Message Automation In greeting message, reply with a automated message when someone messages you for the first time. Step 3:  In … Read more

How to generate the permanent token in Cloud API?

WhatsApp Cloud Permanent token is a unique identifier provided by Facebook for every individual business to have access to WhatsApp services. Businesses can easily do the integration of WhatsApp services with other platforms by using its Permanent Token, Phone Number ID, and WhatsApp Business Account ID. Following are the steps to obtain a permanent token … Read more

How to Setup WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API is the cloud-based version of the company’s developer tool WhatsApp Business API. The new tool, as per the company, aims to make it easier for businesses of all sizes anywhere in the world to get started on WhatsApp. “In just a few minutes, any business or developer can easily access our service, … Read more

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